Secure access to Facebook

Not many know it, but in Facebook exists a truly safe mode to ensure that the access your account is done only by you and not by someone who has stolen password. sia solo ed unicamente il vostro. The Security Center Facebook is known as one of the best team of experts in web security. In addition to ensuring the safety of users foiling every day hundreds of attacks, continually improves the security settings allow users to better protect their information.

There is indeed an innovative security setting on Facebook: the approval of the accesses. It is a security setting that prevents any attempt of unauthorized access to your account: every access from unknown devices (who have not previously accessed) must be confirmed with a security code.

Sicuramente questo metodo di sicurezza vi ricorderà quello applicato da molte banche con i “token”, devices that generate a numeric code to insert home banking.

What is exactly this code ?
Very often it happens that the password di Facebook vengano rubate. How? The means are so many, not analyze them in detail so that someone can take advantage of it for steal the passwords of other Facebook.
Anyway know that there are viruses, Trojans and spyware installed on your PC will attempt to steal a variety of passwords , including those of facebook.. then there are Facebook apps “unofficial” seeking to steal passwords Facebook, over that email (this di Phishing) that have the same purpose.

With the introduction of this code, password even if were to be stolen will not be sufficient to access: you will need a code that only you can have, because it is generated from your mobile phone.

Questo codice nelle prime versioni veniva inviato da Facebook via SMS i primi esperimenti rendevano la funzione di accesso spesso inutilizzabile. For these reasons, the security team has renewed its function by introducing a security code genrato from a mobile device (cellular phone).

How to enable the approval of the accesses

Go into your account settings to the card protection and click "Edit" under "Approval of access” (click here to go directly: Directorate link). Check the box "Require a security code to access my account from an unknown browser" and follow the instructions on the screen.


And a further confirmation:


Currently it seems that Facebook has some trouble to forward the sms confirmation, but on their official website reads that Stan to be solved.

Remember that if you change your phone number, devi aggiornare le tue mobile settings.

Potrai disattivare il generatore di codici in qualunque momento dalle security settings.