Loss-making business for the King of social Gianluca Vacchi

A recent article in “Il Fatto Quotidiano” reveals the dark side of Gianluca Vacchi: great with social and do ballet but much less good at doing business!According to reports from well-known daily, Gianluca Vacchi would be much better at dance, to publish photos and videos on social and heal your own physique that make real bargains: many of his companies would in fact foreclosed homes.
But Gianluca Vacchi continues to celebrate and spend a bunch of money. How is this possible?
Basically because we're in Italy.. and then certainly because it can rely on a considerable heritage of the family.

Gianluca Vacchi is in fact the ’ heir (with his cousin Albert) a gigantic industrial group, whose firm holding is the IMA (that is a world leader in the production of machinery for packing cosmetics, Food and pharmaceutical). L ’ listed company over bills 1 1 billion l ’ year. The group, however,, Fortunately for members, is run by his cousin Alberto, much more peaceful and devoted to work; Gianluca is just one of the Councillors.

Gianluca Vacchi, degree in economics says that the highlight of his business would be the “JN Lifestyle“, a brand of clothing and jewellery that Bill though just over 70 thousand euro (pretty much less than one bar) and that the end of the year marks a negative of 7.000 Euro (see budget 2015).

According to the daily, Vacchi is also linked to a series of financial, first of all, a holding company, without employees, that deals with making the buying and selling of company shares: the First Investments Spa whose actions have however been foreclosed homes Banca Popolare di Verona that had funded the First for over 10 million that I am no longer returned to the Bank.

L ’ only way to heal the finances would be to convert like on Instagram in Euro.. but Gianluca Vacchi has not yet managed!

Source: http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/premium/articoli/molti-fan-e-pochi-affari-i-veri-conti-del-re-dei-social-gianluca-vacchi/


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