Update page Facebook friend

Even the Friends Facebook page is updated to adapt to the new bulletin board. L’avete mai usata?

Whether you've never used it or not the, the Facebook pages friendships are online since October 2010.

Friendship pages allow you to more easily view all content related to specific friendship and help friends to focus on common stories. Friendship pages create a visual list of posts exchanged diary, common friends, of events in which both of you have participated, the photo where you're both tagged and the elements that appeal to both.

Now refresh this page Facebook, to make it more similar to the new bulletin board (No timeline).

How to access the pages of Facebook friendship?

facebook pagina amiciziaAnd’ very simple, although in fact it is not an especially visible:

  1. Go to the page to a friend
  2. Click on
  3. Click on See details friendship


A special page friendship (page of the report) is that which binds you to your partner (of course if you have entered this news in Facebook): if you have a relationship with someone, once you have access to your profile, you can go to this address: http://facebook.com/us [Trad.: us] to see everything that you have in common the number one social network with your partner.

Facebook is releasing the new Timeline these days (along with a new page of friendships), therefore it is likely that you are not yet enabled. The authorization will be automatic for all.

Once enabled you will also have the opportunity to eliminate from pagina della relazione the photo you do not want to appear on that page, without actually deleting them from one of the two profiles which are published.

The new friendship page and the page on the report, makes us think about how much information Facebook has on us, and the people with whom we interact! Referring to the page friendships you realize, for example, have been in the same place at the same time with our friend without even knowing it!

Where to go ? :)