Amazon will begin deliveries with drones: that parcel! And’ a trick!

You have surely read the news that says that Amazon is experiencing a very fast method of delivery of the purchases of the users in minutes through the use of Drones (unmanned aircraft). The news, although reported by Italian newspapers and very well known worldwide.. is .. A PARCEL (ed, ONE buffalo).Too good to be true!
A nice publicity without a doubt, and certainly it was not a coincidence that Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, both aired on the broadcast "60 minutes" where he made the first announcement of Amazon Prime Air and its own drones-bellboys just in conjunction with Cyber Monday, a kind of Black Friday but dedicated to technological material (a day in which they are applied much higher discounts throughout the USA)


Perhaps the more correct statement would have been: “Amazon DREAMS use of drones to deliver packages“.. but this possibility is not at all close since the body for monitoring U.S. aircraft (FAA) not certify the drones for commercial purposes before 2020.

In fact, the drones can be very dangerous: although equipped with sophisticated sensors and software technology are still very vulnerable, and fall from the top of a drone could cause significant damage.
Without thinking, then the impact on air traffic, in American cities already “infested” the flight of helicopters.

It seems that the interview conducted by Bezos of Amazon “60 minues” have saved thousands of dollars to Amazon, that has captured the attention of millions of potential customers lured by the false news of Drones. By some calculations (source: swerve) seems to capture the audience's attention to 15 minutes would cost 3 Millions of Dollars using the normal media advertising… but found he had a big echo… and advertising was free.

Again congratulations to Amazon, pack a truly successful!