Amazon challenge iTunes: by Apple devices you can buy from Amazon mp3 Music

After the complaints, about ebook, now the clash between Apple and Amazon gets more serious. Amazon challenge the monopoly of Apple, “iTunes” offering an alternative really interesting: Amazon music has released a mobile version of its store mp3 to iPhone and iPod, giving users the ability to buy music online directly from their mobile device.

Ora to you Potra’ “direct access to the large catalog of music from Amazon”, paying 5 dollars for albums and 0,69 for individual mp3, says Vice-President of Amazon Music, Steve Boom. Chi will’ in the Amazon page potra’ put music in your shopping cart by browsing on Safari browser; with an application for IOS, The Cloud Player, Sara’ Enjoy listening to songs purchased. With this move,, Amazon bypasses the so-called ‘Apple tax’, the royalty of 30% that the house of Cupertino requires third-party developer.

Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music declares:

Since the launch of the Amazon Cloud Player, users have always asked when they could buy directly from mobile devices. From today, first, Apple iOS users have free access to Amazon's vast catalog

The company, founded in 1994 the Jeff Bezos boasts about 29 millions of music tracks in total to list (vedere la home page service).

Amazon mp3 2
The Apple device are increasingly seen, by rivals of the company led by Tim Cook, as an important battlefield. Being able to get into those devices means greatly extend its market share and to arouse the interest of users generally likely to buy.