What can they see my friends in Facebook?

Have you ever wondered what they can see your friends on your Facebook profile? We keep your Privacy, you have changed the settings for Facebook hide some friends and some news you want to be sure you have everything set up correctly? You can check it. Let's see how:Not everyone knows that there is a Facebook feature that allows you to understand exactly what your friend sees relatively to your profile.

For example, I entered “Mario Rossi” in a specific list of friends to avoid you see certain things about my profile; now I want to see if I have correctly limited his ability to view my dashboard. (For more information about privacy settings please see our article)

Visualizza come... FacebookLogin to your personal Facebook page

On the right, just below the image of black cover click on the arrow pointing down right next to the activity log and select “View as…”

It will activate at the top of the window a gray bar, where you can type the name you want to “impersonate” to understand how and what he sees of our profile:

visualizza come amico facebook

When testing is complete you can go back to your profile by clicking on “Back to Journal”.

If you are not satisfied with the settings for the protection of your privacy and wish to amend, you can read our article on support for the Facebook privacy clicking which.