How to receive notifications when a friend of facebook publish something new

Facebook allows you to get notifications when your closest friends or the people that interest you publish something new.

To follow carefully someone is very simple, just add it to your list of friends “Close friends“, and there are two ways to do, let's see how together:

  • go to the profile of the person you're going to follow, and under the heading “Friends” put the check in the category “Close friends”, as in this.
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  • on the homepage of facebook, to the left menu click on it to “close friends” and will open the page with the list (of course if you do not have anyone there's nothing written) and in the menu on the right, in addition to finding the surrigerimenti also find written “add to this list” and enter first and last name in that field.

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Instead, in order to remove someone from the list, go into his profile and the list below “Friends” uncheck “Close friends”.