Functional illiteracy: Italy “United” donkeys!

In the latest ranking from or. C.S.E (Organisation for economic co-operation and development) the core competences of adults, the Italy is bringing up the rear.
The Italians are settled at the bottom of a ranking among 24 countries for reading skills and the penultimate place in mathematics skills and ability to solve basic problems in modern society (also marginally related problems for basic technological issues).It is functional illiteracy: the inability of an individual to use efficiently reading skills, calculation and writing in everyday situations. It is thus not an absolute inability, because the individual has, however, a basic knowledge of reading and writing, He uses though incompletely and not optimal.
(source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

analfabeti_funzionali_2The functional illiterate is a different situation from simply knowing how to read and write properly: a functional illiterate is not able to understand the importance of information surrounding it in modern society and is very easy to find: Please view by yourself with wacky posts and comments on Facebook!

Today the information is conveyed in every way: graphs, tables, the symbols are used to better understand the world around us, but requiring a “unaware” effort and reasoning to understand them.

About 30% Italians suffer from just functional illiteracy: Despite having all the basic cultural tools to read and write, cannot interpret that data are aggregated into a complex shape.
It is not, eg, able to understand the dosage of a drug, the terms of an insurance policy, an instruction booklet, and even he can't figure out a newspaper article, or to prepare arguments on charts and tables.

Three Italians on 10, then inform, vote (unfortunately), work by following just a very basic mental process and are unable to analyze, wondering why things, question about the reasons that pushed a person or group of people to make an important decision: faced with a complex event (wars, riots, economic crisis, great exodus, etc..) are able to take only a basic understanding of absolutely comparing what happens only to their direct experiences:

  • the war in Ukraine is a problem because it increases the gas bill
  • the crisis is a big problem because I have no money to go on vacation
  • immigrants are a problem because I heard that steal

analfabeti_funzionali_1A functional illiterate made aware of a fact, not “loses time” the “wastes intellect” for questions about the veracity of the information or indirect consequences, long-term consequences far from themselves to space or time.

Social networks are proof

When it comes to identifying people unsuitable to live in modern society, social networks are the best tool: When it comes to the hottest topics of the moment in which all feel they can express their opinions without using a minimum of intellect to understand the problem or argue your answers you really how many are functional illiterates.

One need only read the thousands of absurd comments on the hottest topics of the moment: Immigration, unknown, racism.
We realize in a moment that many people are simply taking ideas like gold absurd news, propagande gruesome policies without asking whether they trusted and minimally without reviewing them: consider it important that this somehow affects their personal sphere without use your brain to filter information.

The functionally illiterate people are unknowingly very dangerous because in its decisions and statements do not take into account the consequences of their own actions on others… and especially because they reproduce and have voting rights.

These people are actually the secret dream of every person in power: to find them you just read the comments on the official pages of the most prominent political figures of the moment (or maybe even just the same political post…)

Quiet.. If you've kept reading this far and you understand what we're talking about.. probably the Italy help to raise its average :)