Anastacia cancel his tour for a new battle against cancer

Anastacia, American singer forced to suspend the european tour which started from London the 6 April for health reasons, seems to have been hit again by breast cancer for which he had already been operated 10 years ago. She announces the bad news in her Facebook page with great regret and bitterness.

“It breaks my heart to disappoint my fans, who were waiting for my 'It's A Man's World Tour”

With these words,, from his Facebook page, the 44 year old singer Anastacia announces to the world that it has received a new diagnosis of cancer and being forced, for this, to cancel the European dates of his concerts.


The author of 'I'm outta love’ and 'Paid my dues’ has a history of health very sad – reconstructs the 'Daily Mail’ on line – because at the age of 13 years, in 1981, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, in consequence of which had to undergo the removal of a segment of intestine, that forced her out of a wheelchair for a long period. To 19 years came a relapse of the disease.


Dates back to 2003 the first diagnosis of breast cancer, came during a routine check performed because Anastacia wanted to undergo a breast reduction surgery. Outcome: a lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation therapy. Unfortunately it does not end here: from 2008 the singer has to deal with a supraventricular tachycardia, which requires it to take a medication every day, having refused surgery.

After the sudden success of her first album, finally, fell victim to panic attacks and disorders of the vocal cords. It spreads the news today of a new relapse of breast cancer and the cancellation of the tour that was supposed to open up the 6 April from London.

Anastacia, however, continues to work to his songs, ensures his entourage, and to live according to his personal motto: “Do not allow the cancer to get the best of you”.

The Facebook page can be found here Anastacia.