Berlusconi also on Twitter and the miracle of the multiplication of followers!

And’ true that the Twitter profile @ Berlusconi2013Twitter account is not the official profile of the former Prime Minister, but was due to his closest supporters, In any case the profile has been opened 6 last December and had a few hundred followers.

Close to the New Year's Eve the followers have multiplied miraculously until reaching over 70 thousand.
Just enough to arouse suspicions some Twitter users who speak openly of followers 'acquired'. Such a practice is not new, especially among large companies. To confirm the suspicion that @ Berlusconi2013 is just a souffle chirps just scroll down the list of 70 thousand follower.
In the midst of the few with a minimum of vitality largely on the Social Network of South American origin that users are provided with the profile do not even have a picture but the sad egg (the image of “default” on Twitter) and sometimes not even a chirp.

The account is not a fake, This is really the account of Berlusconi supporters, and in the various tweets there are also recent statements by Knight. The profile also linking to the official website of the People of Freedom.
After the first controversy someone was quick to run for cover. "The Profile was created by a group of supporters-you note – and who runs it does not receive a single euro but does so with passion and admiration for Mr Berlusconi ».
So they were also changed the connotations, assigning the profile to an unspecified "Berlusconi Committee 2013 – Volunteers Digital – General Election 2013 – The strength of the best Italy 'and linked instead of the PDL address that for hours does not refer to any site.
Speakers on Twitter also the deputy Antonio Palmieri, head of communications on the internet of the PDL, to reiterate that "it is not an official account of Berlusconi but the result of our digital volunteers". The rest “magic” of 60 thousand followers in one day and the suspicion that they have been 'acquired'. "@ Berlusconi2013-insists Palmieri- has not bought followers, already offers its time. Neither would serve to regain voters'. But in the end responsible for the listing, are forced to admit the abnormal number of followers and cry in the plot. "@ Berlusconi2013-chirp- has been violated we reset the password and secured… there has been a violation, for the petty aim to tarnish the work of young volunteers Digital ». How do you comment mischievous always someone on twitter: 'Followers were therefore purchased… but unbeknownst to Berlusconi ».

The question twitter profiles inflated is not new and has in the past been able to recruit celebrities who are keen not to make the shape of the nerds. And above all, many companies, as reported a few months ago the professor Marco Camisani Calzolari, Professor of Corporate Communication and digital languages ​​according to which "80% of the fans and followers of Italian companies is fake».

Always Calzolari explained that just 'Pay 20 dollars to get 50 thousand followers on Twitter and 30 6 thousand dollars to have like a page out of Facebook». There are two categories of users said the teacher 'fake ones, created by a bot and real ones entered in portals that offer the affiliation as a bargaining chip '.

A "black market" that often impairs the value of sponsorship and advertising. According Calzolari, in fact, about half of the followers of major brands such as Coca Cola or Ikea are false. In the focus of the teacher is finished even a star of the Net as Beppe Grillo. In his view the more than 600 mila follower the leader of the Movement 5 Stars around 50% would be fake. Allegations that at the time they created a heated controversy. With cricket at the end accused Calzolari, coincidentally, of being in the pay of Berlusconi as the author of the site and manipulate the information to throw mud on grillini. How to say: adds suspicion to suspect. Proving that often even the world of the internet has nothing to envy to the policy with its poisons and suspicions.


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