Even the Pope has a Twitter account, and bursts the delusion

A few days ago, Pope Benedict XVI also has a Twitter account. Obviously twitters have flared sending any sort of message.. let's see some examples!Account Twitter Papa Benedetto XVIThe new Twitter account of the Pope is @ PontifexTwitter account (@ Pontifex_itTwitter account for the Italian version)

Let me be clear that the Pope will not use Twitter alone, there will be someone who will type for him, but his every Tweet must be personally approved by him.

This is not the first time that a Pope personally relies on technology to reach the masses. Recall that in 1931 Pope Pius XI worked directly with Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of radio, to set up the first transmissions of Radio Vaticana.

Similarly people, more or less faithful, uses Twitter to extend to the pontiff questions you always wanted to do.. without hope for an answer..

The community often uses the Twitter hashtag #faiunadomandaalpapa or # askpontifex to collect the numerous requests.
If you want to make you laugh I recommend guardarvele: #faiunadomandaalpapa #askpontifex

Let's see some:

Fai una domanda al Papa Twitter

Fai una domanda al Papa Twitter

Fai una domanda al Papa Twitter

Fai una domanda al Papa Twitter


Here are the most recent Tweet:
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