Android: attention to the Flash update! And’ and virus!

And’ lurking in the new virus Marcher hiding behind a fake Flash player upgrade required to view some videos.

Marcher is a pretty powerful malware, but this is not a real news: researchers at ZScaler, company specialized in information security, they discovered that the old ZScaler developers have enhanced an existing virus.

The new Marcher that is spreading very quickly these days is specialized in stealing users ' bank details and take control of the device.

When the unsuspecting user, who installed the fake Flash update, will access to their bank accounts, either via browser app, the virus will notice and will begin to implement some processes to capture user credentials. The data will be sent automatically to the authors of viruses that can, already after a few hours, enter in the banking systems of infected users and perform operations.

How is infected by Marcher

The major vehicle for virus infection are less reliable sites that host banner Marcher developed specifically to install applications on user devices.
By visiting the pages of some sites indeed, you will be invited to install or update the flash player in order to be able to view the video you are looking for.

By clicking on the banner, your device will download the apk of the virus, and the same users, will be invited to open the notifications on your device to install the program you just downloaded.


How to defend against Marcher and other similar viruses?

The steps to defend against malicious applications as described above are few and very simple:

  • even if discharged by mistake, do not launch the installation of applications downloaded from unofficial sources: just downloaded apps directly from the Play Store
  • In settings – > make sure that security is disabled the ability to install third party apps
  • get an antivirus on your smartphone