Android: How to solve the problem of unavailable network Wind

Some users have reported a problem that plagues other Samsung devices with “European Warranty” When you insert a new SIM Wind 4 g: the Wind data network coverage does not work (problem that can’ also occur sporadically). After some tests we have identified the problem and found the solution.From our tests performed by calling the customer service of Wind, It was found that the operators themselves despite having heard several customers with this problem have not found the solution: so by calling the Wind assistance service and reporting that its Android phone with 4 g SIM Wind loses or does not engage the data network, you will get the most disparate responses that do not solve the problem.

What is the problem Samsung's Android-Wind network failure?

Some international versions of the new Android firmware released by Samsung creates confusion with the Wind operator code and associates of absolutely wrong connection parameters: you identify the provider Wind Canada, by setting your login not valid for our Italian operator.

How to solve the problem of Samsung that does not engage the data network?

The solution is rather simple and affordable for everyone:

  • Enter the settings and choose the voice “Other networks”
  • selected “Mobile Networks” then “Profiles”
  • If the AP indicated under “Internet” is different from “the Internet wind.” We identified the problem corrected

In this case, press and hold your finger on “Internet” (This will allow you to enter the data profile editing):

  • internet wind dati samsung

The internet access point Wind (APN) is now correctly configured: turn off and turn on the device.

Now you can enjoy your data connection without any problem!