Android KitKat 4.4: the new hidden!

The 31 October 2013 was presented Android 4.4 Kitkat in conjunction with the launch of Android Nexus 5, latest smartphone from Google. In addition to the features announced, There are other features that have not been widely used during the presentation, but which were promptly reported by various appassionatthe. We see all the new features of Android hidden Kitkat 4.4!Android 4.4 Kitkat is an update “light” Android operating system for mobile devices. There are therefore upheavals graphics but a series of innovations advertised by Google that you can read in our article.
Google, however, has held “hidden” some of that might be Kitkat rather interesting, the most interesting of some new official Android 4.4 presented by Google:

Resolution of video

Just like on Youtube in which the display resolution automatically adapts to the device that the video is playing and bandwidth (speed) available, will be the same Kitkat 4.4 to handle video resolutions under various situations such as the speed of our internet connection, the occupation of the processor, the screen size and orientation of the device.

Registration Screen

In addition to the normal “screenshot” to save the screens of our smartphones obtainable in the classic method (press and hold the power button and the home button), you can record your screen activity in a video as do several PC software (such as CamStudio). With this screen recording feature on Android devices, For example, you can record video tutorials to teach the operation of some applications without having to use rudimentary methods with cameras.
To record the video will still need to connect our device Android smartphone to a PC or a Mac.

New Notifications in KitKat

The notification system aprible by scrolling on the screen from top to bottom will be more customizable, so for example, to display only notifications out applications that interest us more to not be bothered by the notifications of applications less important.

Android music control from the home

Android 4.4 Kitkat
allows you to control your Media Player from home, without unlocking the device, just like on the iPhone. Operations such as the transition to the next or previous track and volume control will be much faster.

Attenuation of ambient noise

Thanks to a dedicated microphone to listen to the “ambient noise” and a specific algorithm for real-time processing of sounds, calls will be much sharper, since by the sound of your voice will be recorded by the microphone classic “deleted” background noise recorded by the system in real time. This feature is already in use on the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5 c
Also the volume of the call will adapt in real time according to the background noise that surrounds us, raising the volume automatically, for example when you are in a noisy environment.

Full screen wallpaper

No background cut in an unusual way! Android KitKat will display full screen and without any adaptation all wallpaper that will be inserted. In this way the user can customize the look of your device depending on personal tastes, without having to find a compromise with the display settings of the mobile operating system.

Kitkat Easter Egg: trick developers

He could also miss the usual Easter Egg, become over time a kind of hidden function with which the Google programmers leave their signature in the work.
To activate this “hack Android” you will need to go to the settings screen / information on your phone and click on the item quickly and repeatedly Android 4.4:

We leave you to discover for yourself what is this Easter Egg: remember, after playing with the “K” to hold it to switch to “function” Next :)

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