Android: Skyfin the new malware that automatically buy app

A new threat to users of Android devices: Skyfin is a malware that absolutely “silent” buy apps from the Store Play without your consent by producing charges to your credit card!And’ the security company Dr.web who first identified this new threat: Skyfin Yes, download and buy paid apps from the Play Store without actually installing them. This allows you infected with this malware will not notice that you have made a purchase because your app purchased will not be visible on your Android device.

What is malware?

Malware is an abbreviation for “malicious software” (malicious software) and indicates any software used to tamper with the operations performed by a computer, from a tablet or a smartphone in order to steal sensitive information, access to private computer systems, or display unwanted ads. Unlike a virus, a malware usually does not affect the use of the device, and for this reason is harder to notice that they were infected by a real computer virus, especially on your Android smartphone.

How does it infect?

Skyfin is based on another malware called Android. Downloader that allows the infection your smartphone by installing third party apps APK (unofficial versions of the apps do not download from the Play Official Store).

skyfin malware virus androidThe risk of spread This virus for smartphones is high because many users download and install apps from unofficial sites to avoid paying the purchase.
But users are likely to end up infecting themselves with Skyfin a pretty salty on your credit card account, finding himself in App purchase rather expensive charges (even beyond the 20 € for a single app).

Skyfin also steals information from your device such as the identification code that your phone uses to take advantage of Google services allowing to trace (by interfacing with external servers) even in many of our personal data.

It aim of the malware Skyfin is to raise the number of downloads of several apps to help it improve the popularity, increase the use to make money with ads within the same app (in-app ads).

The advice I give is always to download applications only from official Google Play Store and keep monitored your email box connected to your Google account on your Android device to receive notifications for unwanted purchases!