Android: video without sound in Chrome? here is the solution to the problem!

There are agreements that navigating Chrome on Facebook or other sites from your Android device videos play without audio?
Have you tried to turn up the volume of the video but can not hear anything? Follow our simple guides to resolve the problem!

In the latest versions for Chrome and Android Chrome Beta, a bug affects the proper display of video:in some situations videos play without audio.
For example a YouTube video, opened directly from the YouTube will be perfect, open instead from the Chrome browser for Android will be played without sound.
The resolution of audio problem in video on Chrome is easily solved!

First, There seems trite to say, check that the volume of “media” on your Android phone is high: used to test the side buttons to increase volume, and when it appears on the display the slider to adjust the volume, press on the gear to go into the details of all the volume controls.
Make sure the volume is high in all the controls.

After this simple and obvious step (we know that all of you had already done this control.. all.. true?) proceed to the resolution of the problem:

  1. Open the app Chrome (o Chrome Beta, even better)
  2. touch the three dots in the upper left, or press the button “Options” in your device
  3. choose “settings”
  4. touch “Privacy”
  5. choose “Clear browsing data”
  6. left in this screen only on the check “Clear your cache” and “delete cookies / data sites”
  7. press “deletes”
  8. back to your home and close forcibly Chrome

hence the sound of the video will play without any problem from any site.

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