Anonymous steals 28.000 password and PayPal?

Anonymous (a collective of well known Hacker) said today of stealing the details of 28.000 user accounts from a PayPal server including email addresses, names and passwords associated.

PayPal ha negato that this theft is accomplished, However, given the precedents of the known association of Hacker Anonymous, I do not think that those responsible for PayPal can sleep soundly.

Anonymous attacca paypalPayPal says he has no evidence of interference and is currently answering questions that are put to them on the news with a simple sentence: "We're investigating this, but at the moment we have not been able to find any evidence to confirm these statements ".

Assuming that PayPal is telling the truth, perhaps we should expect other ads.

Meanwhile we have changed the password del nostro account PayPal and we advise you to do the same. Anonymous names scherza..

[Source: Gizmodo USA]