Anyplay, the alternative to Spotify to listen to music for free

After the success of Spotify, check the app alternative, Anyplay, that allows you to listen to music for free no monthly fees and no way inferior to Spotify.

Spotify, l’app di musica most popular at the moment, is really interesting and useful , but the only disadvantage is that it is only free for a limited trial period, then you have to pay a monthly fee.

So, we thought we'd show you a very valuable alternative to Spotify, that allows you to listen to music for free as if it were in your iPhone, share your favorite music, discover new music based on our preferences; Anyplay, is called so, the only app for iOS (for now) that allows you to have all this functionality for free.


Let's see the features of this app:

• Tabs search (music search, discography search)

• Navigation situated between artists and albums

• Sharing Playlists: share playlists with your friends!

• Interface iOS normal

• Album covers

• Scrobbling on

• AirPlay Support

And in the extended version AnyPlay +:

• Playlist

• Playlist intelligenti – playlists with advice

To use the app just search for the song or artist you want to listen, choose the version in the results obtained and be carried away by the music you like! The only advice I give to us personally is to preferably use the Wi-Fi network for long time listening to your music, because it increases disproportionately with the 3g data traffic,and with the current schemes is not convenient waste traffic.

The extended version of Anyplay costs only 0,89 Cent, While the basic version is free and is available only for devices IOS momentarily, even if we think that with the success we expect soon an app for Android.