The Facebook app for iPhone and iPad does not go out tonight after upgrade! Solution. [updated]

Yesterday Facebook developers have released version 6.7 to introduce the icons to share the mood in the iPhone and the ability to edit the post for iPad, but something went wrong: The Facebook app is wrong and does not update, although the developers have attempted delivery of a further version of Facebook app tonight, which has only worsened the situation.
Sounded the alarm yesterday in which a lot of users have complained and reviewed brutally with a star on the App Store version of Facebook for iPhone 6.7, the developers have tried to solve the problem by releasing tonight a further version of the most used social app in the world, version 6.7.1: the result was bad: thousands of devices were blocked during the process of downloading the new update with the application in a hybrid state that did not allow to continue the installation: “Can not download the application”.
Facebook Wall logo

The situation seems to have unlocked a few minutes (All times are GMT 15.55 Saturday 9 November): Updates seem to share albeit with a low speed probably caused by the thousands of updates required by iPhone and iPad users.

At present, after uninstalling the old version 6.7.1 partially discharged, We have reinstalled the app successfully, but still a large number of iPhone users is that iPad we are reporting the inability to download and update the Facebook app for iOS.

Boys, we remind you that Facebook is also accessible via the web app from the Chrome or Safari browser from your devices!
We will keep you informed!