Available App-Shop for all also in Italy, the Store app signed Amazon!

Amazon, since the game lost against Apple, has proposed a product appeal to all owners of Android smartphones and tablets. After the huge success in the United States found the colossus of online trading has decided to expand to Europe l’Amazon App-shop, the virtual store of applications for the mobile operating system from Google, created to be part of the game for the app store. The extension provides only a part of Europe, ie Spain, France, Germany, Great e Hilda our face Italy.

Given the failure with Apple, came the name App-shop, to differentiate and distance itself from the name app-store, famous for being one of the apple Apple.


The news came a few days ago, explaining to all holders of an Android device and the possibility to have discussed how App-shop of the famous shopping site. Just log on to official website of Amazon and follow the instructions to download the store, indeed, the shop and enter the new world of apps for Android.

In the App-store you will find the app that are also present in Google play, but with a careful selection and a more detailed review, in order to have only the best app in circulation. For the most skeptical enough to mention some app level as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 2012 HD and Cut The Rope, but also the nostrani IlMeteo.it the Mediaset.it.

Una volta installato lo Shop basta collegarsi col proprio Amazon account ed il gioco è fatto. App-Shop Amazon brings with it some of the features of the Amazon web, such as personalized recommendations, user reviews and the option to pay 1-Click.

As in the American shop, The app also features the most famous European shop and request for Amazon App Shop that has made it so successful over-ocean: the possibility of having free every day in rotation an app that is normally paid for 24 hours, function that counters all those who wonder why install one shop that displays the same apllicazioni Google Play.

Jim Adkins, Vice President di Amazon App Shop, comments on the launch of the store in Europe in an obviously positive: “Since we launched last year the Store, Users in the United States has acquired millions of app, Games, subscriptions to services offered by app, and have welcomed our new initiatives, which the service "A free app day". Submit to rigorous testing games and apps available on the App Shop to ensure customers get the best user experience with the games and the apps you have purchased."Security and large selection of titles, you just have to download!

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