Appcake and Zeusmos iOS7: the viable alternatives vshare also iOS7

Add AppCake Zeusmos, allow you to install apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by alternative market, where the apps are free. It is excellent alternatives to other systems such as VSHARE the installous, and are also working with iOS 7.

For more information about the jailbreak to unlock iPhone and iPad with iOS 7 we recommend Read our article.
In our article instead you will find the guide to install VSHARE on iOS 7.

Recall that the use of commercial applications for a fee not regularly purchased from the Apple Store is illegal; therefore it is legal to install vshare, is the use of any paid apps downloaded in a different mode from the App Store is not.

What are AppCacke and Zeusmos?

AppCake Zeusmos and services are good alternatives to more famous as vshare and Instalous to nstall the app on our iPhone and iPad devices with jailbkreak from a market alternative to Apple, where there are also paid app. Circumventing a security check on the app, vshare allows to install paid apps for free.

To use AppCake and Zeusmos you must have installed the package AppSync for iOS 7.0+ on our device.

For guide on how to install AppSync for iOS 7.0+ on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7 and we recommend jailbkreak our article.

appcakeHow to install iOS AppCake 7


  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7
  • eseguito jailbreak (leadership)
  • Appsync for iOS 7.0+ installed (see above for the installation)

guide to install AppCake on iOS 7:

  1. open Cydia
  2. in the section on repo, Add this repository:
  3. After adding a repo do a refresh packet
  4. try and install “Appcake” making sure that it comes from the repo you just added

After installation we suggest you do a respring (Quick Reboot) of your device.
You will find the icon AppCake, click on it and you're done!

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