Apple apologizes to its customers for the new maps, and Cook recommend using other browsers

Shortly after the release of’upgrade to IOS 6 many have lamented in the Google maps; with the latest release, Apple because of disagreements between the two giants had scorporizzare from their devices and google maps app youtube, having to create their own maps app in no time.

These maps, presented very well to Keynote presentation iPhone 5, actually do not respect the promises, indeed; contain a lot of inaccuracies and errors quite remarkable, and this has enraged many users were disappointed.

Apple runs for cover errors of youth denouncing and announcing a new search of skilled, Ingegneria etc. It seems that some engineer will also come from Google, company whose director (Eric Schmidt) recently criticized the company for Cupertino stating that they had better improve the service before launching it.

Apple tries to apologize to its customers, officially asking for forgiveness for the errors and inaccuracies of maps of IOS 6, and also suggests to use and also try alternative satellite navigation systems competing companies ; he does it by means of a letter of Tim Cook, the CEO of the company.

apple tim_cook

The letter of Cook. “At Apple we strive to provide world-class products that give the best satisfaction to our customers”, reads a letter from Chairman of the Cupertino company, Tim Cook, “with the launch of the App Maps last week we did not succeed”. The ceo of Apple apologized for the “frustration” potential prejudice to customers and ensured that “you are doing everything possible to improve Maps”. Then, however,, has in fact encouraged to use alternative satellite navigation systems: “Our customers will use Maps and more will improve and while improved Maps you can try alternatives such as downloading maps from the App Store as Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use maps Google and Nokiagoing on their sites and by creating a desktop icon that brings App Online Reference”.The maps are one of the most profitable services in the mobile and that's why Apple has decided to leave the Google Maps app and to forge an agreement with Tom Tom for the new satellite navigation iPhone. The new operating system, however, has given many iO6 navigation problems, with locations move or even omitted from the maps, and some three-dimensional rendering not up ads.
To see some screenshots with the errors of the Apple maps Who clicca.

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