Apple requires developers to use improved icons for IOS 7

Given the imminent presentation of IOS 7, probably also with the presentation of the new highly anticipated device, Apple is giving particular attention to app development presented to the output in’App Store asking developers to comply with certain parameters.

Among the changes in the UI, we find the app icons resized compared to iOS 6, slightly more than large, if not optimized for iOS 7 may show the white outlines as shown below, where Netflix clearly shows the imperfection.

IOS 7 app

To avoid these problems, developers will need to include the app icons larger, In fact, if on ios 6 for iPhone the correct dimensions are 114 x 114 pixels, its ios 7 measure 120 x 120 pixel.Per the ipad instead they change from 144 x 144 pixel 152 x 152 pixels. Below is the email sent to a developer, which explains in detail what we have just explained.

IOS 7 Letter

While not mentioning clearly ios 7, Apple focuses attention on the requirements of the new OS, although it seems trattersi provided for error indication to the developer in this case case, since the application was filed specifically designed for ios 6. Following a minimal example of the differences in the form of icons, one of the aspects to be taken into account during the development.

As you can see in the radius of curvature of the icon changes slightly, giving a less boxy and more rounded, another factor to be taken into account.

 I 6 vs IOS 7

It is clear that attention is focused on the new iOS 7, In fact, with the official launch expected next month, in addition to the new design iOS 7 incuderà many other features such as iTunesRadio, Safari revisited, Control Center, Airdrop, and many new features that could put a strain on employees Applecare to meet the requirements of users.