Open an account WeBank the 21 the 22 November and receive a Sony Xperia P or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Offer more than interesting that we are about to share with you. As usual for the group Webank come two offers lightning aimed at acquiring new customers through attractive gifts 'Mobile': today, 21 November, is the right day to open a new account with WeBank, if the same weighting or are beginning to make reading these lines, given that gift will arrive in a very good smartphone Sony Xperia P.

Conto webank


To access the page with the offer, Who clicca.

For all the details on the conditions of the subscription of course we invite you to consult the leaflet, generically we point out some of the most important aspects:

  • No Annual Fee Account
  • Credit Card and Debit Card free
  • Free ATM withdrawals in the Euro area
  • Italian bank transfers and free phone cards

If you are interested in otherwise open the account WeBank but do not have the need of an Android smartphone to medium-high here is that you can just wait until tomorrow.The 22 November will be in fact the day dedicated to tablets, tomorrow will benefit anyone who opens an account in fact a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. We take care to remind you in time!

For more info, please consult the regulation that contains all the information you need to join this initiative without taking any blunder. Be careful to read it carefully because it excludes all those who already have an account at one of the banks of the BPM Group.