Listen to a preview of Applause The new single of Lady Gaga and read the text!

Lady Gaga announced on Twitter the release of her new single Applause. Listen to a preview Applause by Lady Gaga and read the lyrics!

The news was the same Lady Gaga via Twitter!
The first to send Applause were at the same time some of the largest American radio.

The announcement of the much single on Twitter Applause:

Here is the link for hear preview the new single Lady GagaApplause:
click here to hear the new single of Lady Gaga Applause

The text of Applause by Lady Gaga (Lagy Gaga – Applause lyric:
I stand here waiting
For you to bang the gong
To crash the critic saying:
Is it right or is it wrong?

Give me that thing That I love
Put your hands up make ’ em touch

If only Fame came in IV form I could bare being away from you.
I live for
The way that you cheer and scream for me.

My bones hurt from all the shows
But I don’t feel the pain cuz I’m a pro I
Sink in then I’m ok cuz my body belongs to u when I’m on stage”

Ecco il suggerimento di Lady Gaga per ascoltare al meglio il suo nuovo album Retype:

"Oh, è solo un suggerimento... utilizzate le cuffie quando ascoltate la musica nuova, RETYPE è elettronico e una delizia per le orecchie. GLI ALTOPARLANTI see you later tuo computer non sono accettabili, unless you like to listen to music underwater. Not me "

Here is the cover of the single Applause: