Listen to free music on iPhone

Thanks to Freemake MusicBox can listen to all the music you want for free directly from your iPhone in a legal manner and without constraints. The app of a famous group of programmers in fact does not have the annoying constraints of other similar services such as Spotify.Spotify indeed, despite having a huge music database, with the free account does not allow you to move freely about the songs. You can select or create a playlist but you will have some limitations such as commercials and a limited number of “Skip” to skip songs you do not like.freemake free music 1

Freemake MusicBox instead relies on several sites that offer multimedia content such as YouTube, and many others to give you the’listening to over 20 millions of your favorite songs, but in a way completely transparent to the end user who will have a graphical user interface rather than engaging with different possibilities:

  • free musicsearch music by song name, artist, genre or tag to enjoy for free from your iphone
  • discover new artists, the most popular in the world
  • the songs of trend in the world
  • listen to any free song limitless
  • ability to share on Facebook or Twitter what you're listening to
  • are reproduced tracks only considered “Legal” on Youtube
  • there are expense the surpri, nor the service registration is mandatory

The flaw that we found now is that the songs are played along with the music video: this is without a doubt interesting, but under certain conditions (especially when we are not connected to a WiFi network can lead to an excessive consumption of bandwidth).

By direct contact with a developer, however, we learned that will be shortly made an update that will allow you to hear the songs without forcibly play video, and thus save a considerable amount of internet bandwidth.

MusicBox is compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5 c, iPod 4/5

The Android version will soon be available!