Breach of the Boston Marathon: Google Person Finder helps to find the missing-

Following the terrible explosion during Boston Marathon Yesterday, Google has readily activated Google Person Finder to help the union and the discovery of the missing as a result of’attack.

Google Person Finder is a tool developed by the Mountain View giant after the earthquake in Haiti 2010. It is part of a series of humanitarian projects called Google “Google Crisis Response“: they are tools that can be used free of charge during major events, attacks, natural events, carnage to help location and the discovery of the missing, to share information and much more.

After a few hours of activation, shortly after the’explosion at the Boston Marathon, were already 800 records entered into Google Person Finder, now we are already more than 5.100 entries.

How does Google Person Finder?

The operation is very simple: Google Person Finder allows anyone to use the service without registration: you can either look for someone who post information about someone victims of this event:


In many participants in the Boston Marathon hanno inserito i propri stessi dati per dichiarare “I'm fine” and bring comfort to family and friends. As you know during tragedies such as these media are the first to go, and tools like this can make a difference, just as they made it to Haiti.

Obviously Google has posted a disclaimer on the login page, stating that all the information entered in the database are not verified by Google and that all the details and information included are public to all users.

red_cross_logoBecause of’terrorist event of the Boston Marathon, also American Red Cross (American Red Cross) ha messo a disposizione uno strumento simile chiamatoSafe and Well” in which the victims of the attack can register to declare that they are comfortable and provide more information for relatives and friends in their position.

The organizing association of the Marathon (Boston Athletic Association) has also made public its database of participants with all possible data to be able to locate.

Google, Facebook and other online tools are proving increasingly an indispensable tool in these cases of serious events.