Attention to the virus of Ray-Ban on Facebook!

Returns on Facebook a malware that was already presented in 2013: the virus of Ray-Ban has not yet been eradicated definitively.
You can think of the virus of the Ray-Ban such a decoy: an invitation to take advantage of a discount crazy, with the feeling of making a purchase of the century donating some to charity: Instead, it is a very contagious virus that has a strong viral and infectious character: If you decide to make the purchase will start a real disaster ’.


How does the virus of Ray-Ban?

The click on the link to buy the famous sunglasses only 19,99 Euro, with ’ assurance that the 50% the expense will be donated to charity.
When you click on the link, is the situation: the link steals our section of friends and spreads on bulletin boards of others.
The same contagious is when one of our friends click the link, then going to trigger a dangerous ripple effect.

Additionally, if you purchase the ’ website we will require continuous l l ’ entering credit card details to proceed with the purchase of ’ Ray-Ban resulting in theft of your personal information and credit card number.

What to do if you get hit by the virus and you have already clicked the link to buy the Ray-Ban

Once you have been affected by the virus of Ray-Ban, requires:
1)  change your Facebook password
2) find all posts by suspects published by the malware on our wall and delete them;
3) report the fake page to Facebook via the ’ anti-spam page of social networks.