How to enable Google Assistant on Android (the 6.0 up)

Google has just launched the new Narrator Google Assistant U.S., But if you have the curiosity to try it now explains how install Google Assistant without the root on your Android device (Since version Marshmallow 6.0 up) and get a voice Assistant like SIRI to iPhone!

Currently the Google Assistant was released exclusively in the United States and works only with the English language. Google announced that it will begin distributing it soon also in UK and Germany, but for localization in Italian there will still be a little’ time to wait (has not been notified of the release date in Australia).

If you know the language English and you want to try it, We explain How to install Google Assistant on your Android device in a few simple steps and without taking root on the device.

How to install Google Assistant

First of all you need to set the system language of your device “Us English”. To do this enter the settings:

  • choose “Language & input”
  • “System language”
  • selected “English USA” (Narrator Google Assistant only works with this version of the English language).

If you are connected to a WiFi and keep your mobile phone charged upgrade will drain immediately.
You can also force an update of the app from the Store Play until a new version of the application will be downloaded “Google”.

If it does not appear immediately, wait a few minutes.

To see if Google Assistant is installed correctly simply press and hold the key “home” for a couple of seconds: you will see the new Narrator Google Assistant:

Install google assistant

A small tutorial will teach you what you can get Google Assistant.

If you want to give it a try tell Google: “"I'm feeling lucky” and see what happens!