How to enable voice reading for SMS, email and websites on the iPhone

Did you know that you can activate the vocal reading of SMS, email, websites and in practice of all textual content shown on the screen with any iPhone, without resorting to special tricks or jailbreak.
You will surely ever wanted read a text message, an email, First pagina web, document, a note in situations where you can not keep your eyes on your iPhone.

There we make the example of reading in the car because we are certain that none of you are using the phone in the car while driving.. It's too risky not ? :)

Even on the iPhone (as for Android) there is the opportunity to be read out directly from the iPhone to the contents of messages, email, texts, articles and any other content natively without installing iOS application.


So let's see together how to turn on voice readouts (text to speech) of texts in the iPhone:

  • read settings iphonerevenue in “Settings” – “General”
  • scroll down until you find the item “Accessibility” button and click
  • Click “Pronunciation selection”. We recommend that you do not activate other items if you do not know and if you do not have the need: it is an aid for people with disabilities.
  • here you will have to enable the “Pronunciation selection” and adjust the speed of reading.

Perfect, the setting is over.

Now let's see how to get to read the texts from the iPhone.

And’ very simple: the setting that you have enabled in the previous step does is enable a new entry in “comic” which normally opens when you want “copy text”.

In fact, you can try to select text, should appear on the “Read” as shown in the image. While reading will appear in the comic “pause”. In certi casi, when your iPhone will not be able to uniquely identify the language in which the text is written will ask you to specify the language.

iphone voice reading

I remind you that you can select all the text in an email or on a web site by double- “tap” and selecting the option “select all”.

The function is undoubtedly very useful, but I recommend it.. attention in the car!