Badoo gratis to the payment?

Badoo is free or paid? Badoo began as a social network of meetings apparently free. You soon realize that theand functions more “Useful” have become paid. It is a marketing technique rather push: accustom users to use certain functions and then make them pay. Despite this Badoo has managed to become one of the most used social network of meetings in Europe and South America.

Superpoteri badoo a pagamento

Badoo has masked little words “friendly” as “payment”, “credit card”, “subscription”, inventing their Super Powers with which to use some functions among which the most important is certainly the advanced search profiles ( in our opinion is essential in a social network of meetings).

To obtain these Super Powers you need to activate a Subscription Service mobile phone that is renewed in an automatic climbing credit on your cell phone number every week. You can click here to check the terms of service.


Ricerca avanzata badooIf you want to search your soulmate for similar tastes, preferences and other filters resign yourself to having to use the Super Powers.

The crop use Badoo for free, have to settle for the more generic search with "Search for Desire" or “Dating”
which remains, at least for now, still free:





Also in Mobile Version, features such as the localized states require Super powers.