Bang with Friends: the app to look for sex dating on Facebook! [updated]

Bang with Friends (BWF) is an app for IOS, Android and Facebook nothing short of brilliant: allows search and find free sex dating on Facebook completely anonymously and without exposing too much. Continue reading only if you're single, age and… :)

The service with Friends Bang is already available for some time as Facebook app and via the official website of BWF, but now the potential is increased through the application for ’ iPhone and Android.

[update 15/05/2013:

The app ’ Bang with Friends has been removed from the App Store because it would violate a regulation Apple. The company that created Bang With Friends is in touch with Apple to resolve this problem, so for now the service is available only from Android devices, from the official Facebook app ’ (link in the previous paragraph) and through their official website. ]

Come funziona Bang with Friends?
The operation is quite simple and enables you in a moment of look for sex dating between your Facebook contacts in a way quite different from that proposed by almost all dating sites.


In almost all the sites that promise to find dating and sex on the net, are you that you will have to look for your “soulmate” and to contact.
With BWF is completely different: once you download the app and is authorized to have access to your list of Facebook friends, BWF will offer a picture of a person you have between contacts.

In the settings you can choose to show photos of men, women or if you do not make too many problems.. both :)

bwf_s3See the photo of a friend of Facebook you can choose to go to the next person by scrolling left or right, or if you declare 'd like to make a sexual encounter with this person, clicking the red button “Down to Bang“.
In fact in the app for iOS iPhone and iPad and Android that is available in a high blue button “Up for Hang” which makes you available for a quiet appointment!
No fear, your desire to meet for sex this person will not be delivered to the recipient, will not be published on Facebook and will remain completely anonymous. Anonymous unless you also the person you have chosen to spend a night fiery uses the same app, and indicates that would have sex with you!

At this point the app will contact the two people informing the mutual desire!

Ingenious no?

Of course, the app is much more functional are many more people who use it. Quiet.. just days before the release, there were already more than 500.000 users!

The app is completely free and rather explicit. He is currently localized in English only.. but there is no problem even for those unfamiliar.. la lingua!

Both the developers of the app that you recommend us to course.. of use condoms!

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