No more slot machines! ISocial also supports the video of the Hyenas against gambling addiction.

The slot halls keep popping up like mushrooms in every corner of the city and the country thanks to the liberalization of licenses. For several days the campaign started “No more slot machines”, promoted by the television broadcast of Reservoir Dogs and also we iSocial we decided to support it: “Take back our town”.

Who does not know someone “crazy for machines” probably underestimates the problem that is becoming rending for society: slot machines create every day a round of cash amazing and they are due to disasters family.
The gambling addiction (pathological gambling addiction) is one of the great evils of the new millennium

Symptoms of compulsive gambling

The gambling addiction is a behavioral disorder that, even if part of the diagnostic category of obsessive-compulsive disorder, has a great bearing on drug addiction, much to be framed in the area of ​​so-called “dependencies without substances”. Il giocatore patologico mostra una crescente dipendenza nei confronti del gioco d’azzardo, increasing the frequency of the played, the time spent playing, the amount spent in an apparent attempt to recover losses, investing more of their budget (by borrowing money) and neglecting the commitments that life requires. (Font Wikipedia)

The player is diagnosed as suffering from compulsive gambling (suffering from pathological gambling) if it has at least five of the symptoms mentioned below:

  • It is absorbed by the game, for example, is continually intent to relive past experiences of play, to plan the next gambling enterprise, to devise ways to get money to play;
  • sala slot machinesHe needs to play more and more amounts of money to achieve the desired state of excitement;
  • Attempts to reduce, control or stop gambling, but without success;
  • It is restless and irritable when attempting to cut down or stop gambling;
  • Gamble to escape problems or to relieve a dysphoric mood, for example, feelings of helplessness, fault, anxiety, trough;
  • After losing the game, often returns another day to play again, chasing their losses;
  • Mind to his family, the therapist, or others to conceal the extent of involvement in gambling
  • Has committed illegal acts such as forgery, fraud, theft or embezzlement to finance gambling
  • Has jeopardized or lost a significant relationship, work, or educational or career opportunity for gambling;
  • It relies on others to raise money to alleviate the difficult economic situation caused by gambling, "Rescue operation".

Play responsibly?

On the site è possibile eseguire un test per capire che tipo di giocatore sei e se hai problemi con il gioco. Il numero verde gratuito numero 800.921121 provides free information and assistance on an anonymous.

Who wins with slot machines?

Who gains actually with “machines” are certainly not the customers. In the vast majority of cases (than the number of regular players) the player can not even cover my costs.
The real gain is cinema owners slot / bar but even more companies (multinational) that create and spread the slot machines, and especially the Condition, che prima incassa 8 miliardi di euro l’anno poi è costretto ad investirne una parte per disintossicare i giocatori compulsivi.

The initiative to say STOP to Slot Machines: “Take back our town”.

And’ precisely why iSocial has decided to promote the initiative by inziata “Reservoir Dogs” per dire STOP alle Slot Machines a cui hanno aderito ad oggi sette fra i sindaci più rappresentativi d’Italia: Giuliano Pisapia (Milan), Luigi de Magistris (Naples), Flavio Real (Verona), Piero Fassino (Turin), Leoluca Orlando (Palermo), Frederick Pizzarotti (Parma) and Michele Emiliano (Bari).


Each of the mayors expressed a motivation to be contrary to the proliferation of slot halls.
For the mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris, states that it is a serious problem that undermines the economy of families. "They play even people with economic difficulties, that, then, maybe go into debt to go play, that are under wear. E’ un tema molto sentito e delicato di cui se ne parla poco e dove ci sono anche interessi delle mafie”. "It 'a plague that threatens to ruin people", says the mayor of Torino Piero Fassino.

And if I was playing the Baptistery?” asks a provocative way Pizzarotti (Mayor of Parma). Flavio Real, Mayor of Verona: “And if I was playing the Arena” ?

Here's the video:

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