, new website for movie streaming!

The new portal for movie streaming, with a full and varied list of films of all kinds, is becoming increasingly popular and we will present it in detail!

Caution, Bongstreaming is unavailable. The site has been closed.

Opened in 2013 the site we are about to present is quickly becoming one of the best streaming movie sites in Italy., be as specified in the support section of the site, is a website that deals with going against the needs of users and to be constantly updated. All films are removed automatically reported to the staff that takes care of daily go check if the film has been inserted reported on some site video- and then update. film in streaming 2

As mentioned earlier a site is different from the others and then attempt to explain the main features that the video portal offers. We start by presenting the graphic, very simple and intuitive interface that allows you to have a truly unique movie list. Every list of movies and really very simple, clear and clean while the posters are very large in order to allow users to view them without any problems.

They are also valuable sections “Top rated movies” and “the most popular films” that let you see the ones that should be films that have been most successful in the site. As in many others, there is also the section “film cinema” and also a page dedicated to the films that will be coming soon streaming. For the latter, the Staff recommended that you follow the site on Facebook if you have entered a post that will announce the release of the film in streaming.

We are now accustomed to only choose a movie based on its category, for the first time you are given the option for users to select a film by actor. This section is divided into “Italian Actors” and “International Actors“, the list is really wide and giving a quick glance there really are all the most popular actors in the film world. So if for example we want to display a Pierfrancesco Field bean film streaming just click on the name of the actor and soon after you will get a page where there will be only his streaming movies available on the sitthe.

Another innovation is definitely the section that allows you to choose a movie based on the argument that is. If you wanted to see an absurd Streaming movie on drugs with a simple click we will meet in front of a list that includes the best films like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Blow etc.. Obviously the specific topics are numerous and varied, we can see Movies about Rock, Football, about Hackers and much more.

The site for the first time divided even the best sagas ever, an unmissable collection which brings together the Saga Saga film per so to facilitate users in their navigation.

The banner ads on the site are really minimally invasive, unfortunately you can not say the same thing of pop-under ads that are now typical for this type of sites. We can say that the site already contains numerous films, much appreciated and a graphic of the sections really useful even though it is open from just under 3 months.

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