Britney Spears: its “conservatorship” continues to choice of court

The “conservatorship“, measure that had been imposed in Britney Spears dopo il suo esaurimento del 2007-2008, does not end.

The administration is currently in the hands of Jamie, the father of singer, and said Jason Trawick, boyfriend. The two have in practice to validate or reject both the professional choices of both Brit, and this of course is more delicate matter, his personal choices.

Last Wednesday the artist, that after the turbulent period no longer made headlines, was seen by Judge Reva Goetz, who wanted to talk to her in person. The two were joined by the lawyer appointed by the court, Sam Ingham. Brit would report to the court that his new job, to judge the U.S. version of “X Factor”, she loves.

The “conservatorship” has been extended until the end of the year. Discuss this issue again at the beginning of 2013. The conservatorship is a legal measure in the U.S. in which a person or an organization is subject to the control of other persons or entities; for individual subjects is usually applied to those who have had psychiatric problems, or otherwise unable to make important choices.

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