The message with the ’ emoticons that can crash and block the ’ iPhone

A simple short message containing three characters encoded as a couple of emoticons can disable it temporarily lock an iPhone.. and to knock out l ’ messaging application.

When you receive this message l ’ iPhone crashes (goes into freeze) for a few minutes. Sometimes after these minutes l ’ iPhone restarts by itself, other times a ’ user is forced to perform a forced reboot (holding down the home button and power on for a few seconds).

The problem is that quests character sequence may be saved in the same message store ’, and that a future access to this archive (for example, when you scroll through the message list) could cause the lock again.

The bug that causes the dell ’ lock iPhone is effective on all Apple devices with iOS 10.1 and 10.2. Apple is expected to release soon an update.

Basically if l ’ iPhone tries to decode a certain sequence of characters to show corresponding emoticon ’ crashes: It is the combination of two specific emoji representing the white flag and the Rainbow emoji.

Emoji are more complex in fact (such new emoji relating to crafts) are the Union of different emoji, which are then "merged" into a new symbol. For example, the emoji rockstar, is the Union of woman and the emoji microphone, as you can see from you on emojipedia. And’ in this merging process which happens unexpected blocking of ’ l ’ iPhone.

The problem with this bug is that occurs not only by opening a message but simply receiving it or copying/pasting text indicted.

In the video for EverythingApplePro below you will be able to obtain some additional information:

More information about how to reproduce this bug can be found on page of preston159:

Caution: If you plan to send this character encoding to your friends to block their phone.. know that the bug often hits the sender's phone!

How to resolve the problem of messages blocked by the bug of ’ emoticons

By clicking on this link from your iPhone will allow you to create a new message and will allow you to delete the message containing the emoticon that create the bug.