Automatically delete photos of WhatsApp unnecessary to free space

Whatsapp is probably the app that consumes more space on your smartphone. If you have limited space on your Android or iPhone will often were forced to delete photos one by one or delete whole chat to make room. We present you an app that can understand what are the unnecessary picture do this work so clever in your place!

You will have friends every day that they send you daily kitten picture, sunsets, memes, and anything else: images sent personal messages or messages in the dozens of groups that we consume a lot of space on our smartphone.

The problem of WhatsApp is that these images that we would consider “spam” they are sent to contacts that are close to you in real life, and it's ugly having to block or simply tell them that we are filling the cell of garbage.

We may also delete whole displeasure chat or simply groups to free up the space occupied by images (given that actually the space occupied by the messages written is absolutely negligible compared to images).

You find yourself in this situation?

If because of the small space on your smartphone the phone becomes slow, the battery runs out quickly, you have no more space for apps and you are also pictures and duplicate photos in Gallery, then this app will do for you!

The easiest solution would be to (for Android devices) use the File Manager and delete the directory “Whatsapp images”, but this way you risk losing photographs that you would have liked to keep.

This is why an application like Siftr Magic Cleaner can help you.

How it works Siftr Magic Cleaner?

SIFR is an Indian startup founded by former employees of Adobe that leverages an algorithm very similar to Google's Cloud Vision in order to classify the photos on your phone: analyze the photographs by WhatsApp (But if you also want the Telegram, Hike, Line, Viber and also your personal gallery) and tries to classify: can distinguish between present and distinguish those photographs taken by a camera and screenshots, meme, video screen grabs, cartoons, drawings, photographs with text overlay.

Once you make this distinction and analysis provides the ability to delete photos of these categories to save space, with first a preview so that you can check yourself the activity made by Magic Cleaner.

The photos are analyzed using an algorithm designed by Siftr and for this to work the app needs an active internet connection (We recommend the WiFi) because processing occurs on servers Siftr and not locally on your device.


whatsapp magic cleaner

The app is absolutely free and does not show advertisements.
The analysis runs on 500 photos at a time (to avoid overloading the server), finished parsing 500 photos Magic Cleaner allows you to check and delete the photos and then share with the analysis of other 500 photo.

The amount of pictures that can be analyzed is limited daily, but just invite a few friends about WhatsApp or on Facebook to try the app to increase this limit.

Follow these links to download Siftr Magic cleaner for free for Android or iPhone!


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