Canon RAI: also mandatory for owners of smartphones! All News

From January 2015 the tax on Canon RAI will be abolished.. and in its place we will find a new contribution.. guess'.. yes, a contribution to the fee RAI! So everything remains as before? Absolutely not: new proposals tend to broaden the audience of the persons bound pay the fee RAI, and above there will be a kind of “compulsory collection” forcing almost everyone to pay.

Although the Government has yet to decide the most of the details, Rumors say that the fee RAI will probably integrated in the electricity bill!

And what is even more disconcerting and that will be expanded catchment area: will not be able to avoid paying the fee RAI simply declaring not own a TV! And’ in fact sufficient to have a tablet, pc, a smartphone or any other device connected to the Internet and therefore able to stream TV programs RAI to be subject to the fee RAI.

The Secretary for Economic Development, Antonello Giacomelli, has confirmed that it will be an amendment to the stability law to include the payment of the fee RAI in the electricity bill, with the intention of it takes effect already by January 2015.


Why this choice?

Probably the reason for this is that in some Italian territories occurred over the 90% escape from the Canon RAI with a share of almost 600 million euro of lost revenue.

The new amount of the fee RAI

Currently the fee is set at RAI 113,50 euro and “little democratically ” equal for all: independent of income or whether or not to look at the RAI.

In its new form, the contribution to the canon RAI will have a reduced amount varying between 35 and 80 EUR based on income (Therefore to get the facilities you will need to deliver the ISEE) with an alleged exemption for income below 7.500 €.

De facto, from January 2015, the figure should be inserted directly in the bill (we do not know whether in full or in installments), thus leaving the taxpayer costs of the case: or ensure the correctness of the indicator ISEE but above demonstrate not have televisions or digital devices (PC, Smartphone, tablets and the like).

What do you think?