How to upload a video on youtube

In this guide we will try to follow step by step all the steps you should take to upload a video on YouTube. Access to the site with your username and password. To upload a video it is necessary to have an account on YouTube. If you are not yet enrolled on YouTube will refer to the appropriate guide “inscription on YouTube”. Click on the orange button “Upload Video” in the upper right.

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Move your mouse over the button, you can decide whether to upload a video from your computer or you can create from scratch a video using your web cam. Click with the left button of the mouse on “Upload video files“.

Look for the video files on your computer

On the following screen click again on gray button “Submit a Video”. After clicking the classic window opens automatically, allowing you to browse through the files to your computer for the video file to upload. Look for the video file to upload, select it and click on Ok pulstante.

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Loading the video on YouTube

The upload upload on YouTube begins a few seconds after. Charging time depends on the speed of your internet connection and the heaviness of the video file. Normally, uploading a video medium in size with a normal ADSL can take from 5 to 10 minutes.


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Write the title and description of your video

During this waiting period YouTube allows you to fill in the descriptive data of the video you are loading. And’ the best time to write something more on the video content you are loading. You can decide

  • the title of the video
  • the description of the video
  • the tags and keyword, are very useful to allow users to find your video by using the search fields on YouTube
  • Category video, choosing from those available from Youtube (cars, News, education and so on.)

Once you fill this information, YouTube asks you if you want to share the video with only a small circle of friends or if allowed the vision to all internet users. Make your choice and then click on the button “Ok” to finish loading. Within minutes, your video will be online on YouTube. You will find it in the folder “My Videos”.


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