Quickly upload photos to Facebook

You'll certainly ever wanted to quickly upload photos to Facebook or other social networks and having to wait a long time hoping that the connection is not interrupted right in the middle of the process. As you can quickly upload photos to Facebook modifying them before loading in a few clicks ?

Photos taken with cameras or mobile phones more modern take up much space because they have a very good resolution.
In simple terms, the resolution is the “quality of the photo”, the number of pixels (dots) that make up the colors of the picture. More pixels are high, more photos will be defined, but at the expense of “heaviness” of the file you want to load.

High-resolution photos are perfect for large prints or to be able to do the zoom in the picture without losing too much quality.

For uploading on social networks such as Facebook, or to be sent by e-mail is sufficient “resolution” less, to save space and therefore time. Think, you can switch from a photo that occupies 14Mb original, to a picture of a little more than 1Mb (even if you do not know what a Mb.. I'd say that makes the idea!).

Now vedremo eat “decrease” photographs without losing the quality for uploading to Facebook or email them.

logo image resizer

There sonotanti ways to perform this simple task, we will see an easy way, for everyone, and that will allow you to “decrease” (optimize) many photos in a few clicks.

We use a free program for Windows (good for any version): Image Resizer.

You can download it from this site: http://imageresizer.codeplex.com /

Image Resizer install


After downloading the file you need to double click on the file you just downloaded. You will be asked if you want to run, answer yes.

Start the installation, you will have to accept the agreement and click on the Install button.

After the installation you will not find new icons on the desktop or in the Start menu “S


Image Resizer is activated it by clicking with the right mouse button on a photo or a group of photos.

How do you? Select the photo or photos you want “decrease


Image Resizer Start

To select a group of photos it is possible to operate in different ways:

  • draw a rectangle around the icons of the photo to be reduced by holding down the left mouse button
  • left click on the first picture and, holding down the button “uppercase” (or shift) press (always with the left mouse button) the last photo
  • sinstro-click the mouse on the individual pictures to be selected by holding down the control key (CTRL) keyboard

After selecting the photos you want zoom out, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Resize pictures”.


It will open at this point a screen with scaling options:

Image Resizer opzioni

There are formats defined photo, the lower the pixels, more photos will be quick to load, but at the same time it will become small.

The ideal size for l'upload (loading) is the one you see in the image on the left under the heading “Custom” (custom) that is, 1280 x 720. This size will allow the most people to see the photos in full screen on your PC without losing quality.

The other options available:

  • Only shrink pictures: only minimizes photo, not expanded in the case in which the measure of your choice is larger than one of the photos you have selected
  • Replace the originals: Image Resizer normally creates a modified copy of your photo. If selzionate this item, Image Resizer will change the photos and delete the original (not recommended)
  • Ignore picture rotations: prevents the rotation of the picture (advised)

Pressing “Resize” the program begins processing (may take a few minutes if you have selected a lot of photos).

You are now ready to upload your holiday photos on Facebook in no time!

Have fun!