also stream movies from Mobile! has recently changed address: it is an excellent site for movie streaming featuring a simple and attractive interface: Thanks to the new player, can also be used by mobile devices!

If some sites or movies risultarti were blocked or inaccessible, please see our article Streaming sites blocked: how to change the DNS on your computer and iPhone / ipad [tutorial]
Maybe some of you knew has now changed address and can be reached by It is a great site to watch film in streaming
What distinguishes from other sites movie streaming is undoubtedly the GUI very linear as captivating that allows you to locate and watch the film in streaming that you want in a few clicks, even by novice users. There is no need to go to the registration section movie: you can consult the latest film in streaming entered, or check out the many films by category: First-run movies Streaming, the cinema, Animation, Anime, Adventure, Action, Biographical, Comedy, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Erotic, Science fiction, Yellow,Horror, Musical, Detective, Romance, Historical, Thriller, S Western Tv Series.

Each film is presented with a card containing the poster and the plot of the streaming movie you are watching.


The movie stream is immediately available in the top of the page: in this way, you can immediately check the quality of audio and video of the film.

The video player used in is the real strength of this site movie streaming: This is the famous Player VK the latest generation of: allows optimization of the buffering so you don't get breaks during the movie streaming but lets especially to see the film in streaming from mobile devices, even by those who do not support the usual flash player.
Unlike other video streaming sites, can be used to see film in streaming even from mobile devices such as iPhone, ipad, Smartphone and Tablet Android as well as by SmartTV.

Through two buttons at the bottom right of the player: casacinema_vk_player You can respectively:

  • show the video to full screen
  • choose the video quality (for example, it is useful to use a low-quality video if you are using a slow internet connection or if you want to avoid consuming too much data traffic.

Let's look at some of the early visions of streaming 2013 present on

  • Iron Man 3
  • Les Miserables
  • Two very special agents
  • White as milk, red as blood
  • Like thunder
  • The Siege

… and many others!

What are you waiting ? is waiting for you!

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