Search for Facebook posts: useful news on Facebok

You will be experienced in any chance of having to make a research on Facebook? Something that a friend posted on Facebook a few months ago but don't know where to start? You have the dashboard of your friends for hours to look for a post on Facebook without him? explains how to perform a thorough search on Facebook!

You may have noticed that look for posts in Facebook that does not relate to the name of users and pages or events is virtually impossible: It was impossible until recently,, before the introduction of Facebook ’ Search, a handy search engine into Facebook that does not require the installation of any component ’ is a stand-alone application!
With this brief guide will help you find posts on Facebook in a .. click!The

First of all you should specify that in Italy the search on Facebook is only available in the ’ web interface (has not yet been released on the ’ app localized in Italian).
Not yet ready to release Italian, to use the search function on Facebook You must set the ’ interface in English.
Do not worry, You can restore the ’ Italian interface in a snap.

How to set the ’ English Facebook interface to activate the search posts:

  • Click on the down arrow at the top, on the blue bar to access the settings
  • choose “preferences” as shown in the picture below ’ (that we deliberately put in English to help even people who do not chew good English to return to all Italian ’):

set language facebook

  • Choose the language “English US”

At this point your Facebook will be in English and you will be now possible do searches on Facebook!


Let us see an example of a search:

  • in the classic search box enter the terms you want search on Facebook
  • as you begin to write there appear a series of results, you are already accustomed: have friends or other Facebook users that somehow match the search criteria
  • the news comes now: just like you see in the image below ’, ’ list all queued will be shown the search terms entered, preceded by a magnifying glass
  • in our case we had to Search our friend named Ibrahim who had written something about a plumber. Not remembering the name of ’ friend we just wrote “Ilaria plumber” in the hope that the search for Facebook could help us find the post you were looking for on Facebook
  • Click on the result was preceded by the magnifying glass as shown in the figure:


Search facebook 0

And here is magically appearing as a result of our research on Facebook!
Search facebook 1Facebook in search results blue background highlights the terms that we searched.

Useful no?
Since we tried new research on Facebook.. We no longer put the ’ interface in Italian!

If you are interested in more details, and to the hype of the new Facebook Search you can visit the official website of search on Facebook (IN ENGLISH):

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