Close apps on iPhone gets serious battery power!

Many people close background app for iPhone and iPad constantly thinking that this will improve the performance of the device, even speeding up the OS or using less battery. It is a hoax, indeed, This behavior worsens performance!For many users of iPhone it is now almost a gesture obsessive-compulsive: After using an app, Double tap on the button “Home” and swipe upwards to close background applications. All this because many users have the belief that close apps in the background can increase battery life and improve performance of iPhone.

It is absolutely a myth, rather than conduct that instead of bringing benefits will consume the batteries and reduces the performance of our iPhone, and we explain why.

Close apps in the iPhone to save battery

When we are using an app and we press the button “Home” to close it, This appears in the list of multitasking (viewable by double-tap on the button “Home”) but really does not remain running in the background (the background is typical of running some programs that do not require the presence or user intervention, and that may be competitor to run other programs, making it invisible to the user): the application is in fact “frozen” from the operating system.

All resources that the app was consuming (processor, RAM, etc.…) , When we press the button “Home” are immediately reallocated as “free” from the operating system, intelligently retains only the basic processes that handle such as the ability to receive notifications (function which remains active even for apps actually closed, therefore no difference with the latter).

When we go to reopen the same app “frozen” previously, the system only needs to “de-freeze” restoring the resources your app uses. This activity is significantly less intrusive on your system than opening an app from scratch.

Therefore our iPhone will consume more resources to open an application closed (for example having closed from the list of active applications) rather than reinstate an application previously put into background.

The management system of background applications (multitasking) of iOS on iPhone and iPad is developed so much intelligente, and allows you to manage a normal phone use without the need to close background applications: If he really were to forcibly close every time an app by going to the multitasking.. Apple would have done automatically whenever you close an application, not?

Therefore, If you want to conserve battery life and maintain faster the device do not close constantly background applications!