Italian Cinema: from arthouse films to the big comedies

The beautiful country has always had a great tradition of film. Italy is seen in the world as a land of d'autore movie, just think of the last Oscar win with "The Great Beauty" Sorrentino or the movie "The Wonders" that made Alice Rohrwacher the first Italian woman director to win the Palme d'Or at Cannes. In short, a dream year for Italian films, but the past is not to be less. Always our films fascinate and amaze, telling simple stories, everyday, that transport the viewer into our culture. From the great comedies of Toto and Alberto Sordi, to dramas such as "Life is Beautiful" Roberto Benigni our tradition comes more strongly into stories. And there's nothing to do, our films always charms. We were also able to create a kind, that of the spaghetti western, while showing that a reality far removed from our, has charmed the Americans themselves, fathers that far west that characterized the years of the gold rush.

So if we talk about Italian cinema come to mind great movies that have shaped the history of cinema, but let's not forget also the folk tradition and modern comedies. Starting from the cine-panettone and Boldi De Sica inevitable that have driven tens of Natali, the irreverent film of Idiots, from comedies to Checco Zalone films busiest Aldo, John and James, our cinema has been able to demonstrate once again fun and carefree. Although some titles in the quality has decreased enough we can always talk positively of our films comedy, which ultimately aim to entertain us and make us spend a relaxed evening.
Do not get angry with Checco if his latest film does not deserve the Oscar, but if you tear a smile will be fine as well.
It was the same thing for the great Tomas Milian that thanks to the voice of Ferruccio Amendola played the famous Nico Giraldi, a police inspector mannered little polite, or Er Monnezza, Roman ladruncolo.

But we are talking about the past ...

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