City Gossip: the revolutionary new social network for our city!

City Gossip is a new social network which offers the possibility to communicate, get in touch and do meetings with whom tosorbed in our own city!
The project, born and developed entirely in Italy, is facing a growing number of supporters and users.

City Gossip is a genuine area of ​​freedom for people sharing the same province, organized as a public bulletin board where you can leave and receive messages, comments and opinions, but at the same time allows you to meet new people who live around us.

Abandoning the traditional limitations of friends and followers, City Gossip provides the ability to communicate and get in touch with their fellow citizens.

citygossipTo better express their opinions about the content published introduces the social, in addition to 'now known button 'Like', a new conventional 'I do not like' even so desired by the users of Facebook.
Thanks to a system of notification you will be informed about activities related to our content and the satisfaction that they have enjoyed in the province.

To access the services offered by City Gossip you need to register and choose a username with which you will be identified by other users.

Once logged in you will have access to content from their own province, that will be sorted in chronological order on a bulletin board, and may be voted and commented on by all users.

Each user can customize their personal profile with a picture, a background image and a biography with which to tell that part of himself that eventually want to share.

citygossip_luoghiIn addition to the main bulletin board of your province, City of Gossip is possible to create thematic message boards, where channel discussions on specific topics, such as policy, Sport, fashion, chronicle, and discover new people who share similar interests.
The social networking service also ranges on photography. Everyone will then share their shots and receive comments and ratings from other users. These shots may have particular visibility thanks to the "Photo of the week", in which the most interesting ones are published, and direct access to users from all over Italy.
Although the choice of his own province, however, may seem a limitation, in fact it is. This is because at any time you can change the settings of your profile and browse through the contents of the other provinces.
Gossip City makes its first appearance in the world of social networks in the mobile version for Windows Phone smartphones next generation and is now available for Smartphones and Android tablet, for iPhone, iPad and on the web at



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