How to enable Facebook Graph Search: leadership

There is a lot of curiosity in circulation about Facebook Graph Search, The powerful search engine integrated into Facebook. Let's see how to activate Facebook Graph Search!Facebook is releasing the search by Graph Seach so progressive in the world because the search system, even if it already works very well, is still in the process of tuning.
If you want to understand What exactly is Facebook Graph Search We suggest you take a look here: Cos’è Facebook Graph Search? In which serve?
If you already have the new GUI Facebook (now not so new) as that shown in the image below, or if you have already asked to try to preview the new Facebook Graph Search as described in our article, then you are already well under way.

The starting point will therefore be the new Facebook interface:

Currently Facebook Graph Search supports only the English language, therefore to activate Graph Search'll have to set the language to English in Facebook, with a few clicks:

  • press the triangle at the top right to enter the submenu settingsfacebook_impostazioni
  • Click settings
  • identified the voice “language” and select “English (US)” the “English (UK)”

Now click on the search bar at the top, A message will warn of the presence of Facebook Graph Search.

You'll be offered a tutorial to find out how Facebook Graph Search, with several examples on the research that you can do.

graph search_esempi

Finally, a research tool for interesting Facebook!
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