How to enable Facebook Graph Search

As we announced a few weeks ago, Facebook is introducing the new intelligent engine search Facebook Graph Search. The much-publicized news of Facebook was released only now being tested to some user. But we see together how to request the opportunity to Search Facebook Graph activate your account.

By following these simple steps you can take to Facebook to be among the first users to test the new Facebook Graph Search.

Enable facebook graph search

For more information on Facebook Graph Search'll want to read the our article: Facebook unveils new search engine: Facebook Graph Search

In these early stages the new search engine that, according to the creators of Facebook “Google should tremble” will be made available to a limited circle of users beta Tester.

Here's how to enable Facebook Graph Search:

  • accessed Facebook
  • when you're inside to your profile, paste this url in the address bar:
  • scroll down until you find the green button: “Sign up for the waiting list“:
    Waiting list Facebook Graph search
  • wait a few seconds until you see the confirmation message:
    Confirmation of entry list graph search
  • wait patiently for the activation of the.

Facebook will send you a message when the Facebook Graph Search will be active on your page!