Block notifications of the games on Facebook! How to avoid too many notifications on Facebook!

The new games and new applications using Facebook to share scores or simply to identify the user connect with your Facebook account. If we are not careful in the configuration, the app or the game will use your Facebook profile to send notifications to your friends, tempestandoli of unnecessary alerts If you are also bombarded by notifications from the app or Facebook games and you're tired, know that there is a very simple way to block notifications of games and applications on Facebook.

How to block notifications of games and apps on Facebook

When you receive a notification or an invitation to use a game or an application, apparently coming from a friend, it is said that the latter is conscious of having become an advertising tool in the service of this Application!.
If you're tired of receiving constant requests and notifications the process is very simple: upon receipt of the notification we can disable and prevent subsequent notifications to receive more from the same application.
As a first step we have to click on the “X” to the right of the notification and choose "Disable".

Then we go to the page that lists all requests and notifications received: notifications from the list click on “settings”:


From the left menu choose “Applications”, scroll through the list of applications and click on the link “Edit”: you now have the opportunity to block notifications to this Facebook application or permanently remove the application from your Facebook account:
You can find the list of applications and users blocked on Facebook in this page from which you can unlock people or applications.

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