How to load music on the iPhone without using iTunes!


In many dislike madly iTunes, and fortunately there is a way to load music on the iPhone without using iTunes!
You do not need the iPhone unlocked (jailbreak), just download a small free software!

iTunes is known to be a very heavy, and to manage the music in his own way. Performs well certainly his work, retrieves the titles and album covers allows you to create playlists, but very often creates duplicate songs in our computer, take up much space and in the worst case even significantly slows our pc.

And’ precisely for this reason that many users have asked us how to load music on the iPhone without using iTunes!

itools_alternativaThere is a way and it's really very simple. It does not require you to be experienced pc’ having to unlock our iPhone with the famous jailbreak.

All you need is a small free software: you can iTools download free of charge from this site.
(iTools for the correct operation it is necessary that iTunes is installed on your pc)

Once downloaded, open the zip file and double-click on the program iTools. Does not require any installation, therefore you can transfer from one PC to another iTools with a USB stick.

With iTools open, connect your iPhone with the cable to the PC and wait for iTools detect your phone.

iTools allows you to do many activities, but let us take the transfer of music:

From the left menu, select your iPhone and click on the item “Media”. It will open on the right side of the program an additional menu, where you select “Music”.

At this point you just need to drag and drop files MP3 within iTools, in the central part indicated in the figure by a red dot.

MP3 iphone

The game is done, wait for the end of the loading music on your iPhone and .. enjoy the music!

NB: attention! If you synchronize your iPhone with iTunes, the music loaded with iTools disappear.. and you have to insert it again with the procedure described above!