How to look for the post on Facebook or Twitter so fast!

Some of your friends in the past days has written something about a place where you want to go? Please correct your an old post but did not manage to find? Want to see who has appointed in their post a friend, a place or something else that interests you? Go in search of information on Facebook is often very difficult, but not if you follow our instructions that will help you to search for posts on Facebook and Twitter in a .. click!The biggest problem to find something that he wrote a friend of ours on Facebook or Twitter, o che abbiamo addirittura scritto noi stessi, è che Facebook e Twitter sono ricchissimo di informazioni, but do not have a proper search engine that allows us to find among the millions of our posts or our friends what we are interested.

Let's take an example, you want to go to the cinema to see a movie, and remember that some time ago a friend of yours has posted his impressions on your wall. If your friend is very active on Facebook, it will be almost impossible to go to find his post: with this trick you will see that the research will be simple to Facebook!

The service that we will use to perform the search is called Socialsearching: si tratta di un servizio nato nel 2011 rather efficient, , and above all free!

What you need to do is very simple if you want to look for something written by you or your friends on Facebook:
1) go at
2) please log in using your account Facebook o Twitter (choose Facebook or Twitter using the switch just below the title) socialsearching and authorized to obtain information from your profile (is the only way to allow the engine to perform the external search)
3) once inside you will find two boxes, such as those highlighted in the picture below:cercare su facebookIn the left box start typing the name of a friend: a menu will appear that will allow you to choose which friend you want to search, or you can choose your same profile for look for something that you yourself posted on Facebook or Twitter.
In the right box instead of typing what you want to search and press ENTER.

Wait a few tens of seconds (the search may take a while’ time) and you will get search results!

The service is well done, well designed and has a’0tima user-experience.

Have fun!




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